Dr. Sherif A. Elatriby

Assistant Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Sherif Elatriby is an assistant professor at Industrial Engineering Program (IENG). He was awarded his M.Sc. (2006) and PhD (2012) in Production Engineering from Mechanical Engineering Dept., Helwan University, Egypt. He was awarded a post-doctoral grant at Newcastle University (UK), funded by the Ministry of the Higher Education of Egypt, in 2015-2016. Currently, he is an expert in reverse engineering, particularly CAD/CAM computer-aided design/computer-aided manufacturing systems, as well as 3D measurements using Coordinate Measuring Machines (CMM). Dr. Elatriby has previous work in the field of reverse engineering (RE) in the Egyptian market in the field of spare parts and petroleum services. His expertise in this area includes offering consultancy and training to the industry and conducting internationally published research. He was the head of the academic mobility division at the international relations office (IRO) from 2016-2021. He was also the director of Helwan University Technology, Innovation and Commercialization Office (TICO) since 2017. He was an alumnus of Dialogue on Innovative Higher Education Strategies (DIES) in 2018. Furthermore, he has broad experience communicating with most international organizations in Egypt, e.g. DAAD, USAID, ERASMUS+, JICA and the British Council. Moreover, he is an internationally accredited Technical/Lead assessor by (EGAC) Egyptian accreditation council in testing and calibration laboratories according to international standard ISO17025 since 2010. He has an experience in other accreditation standards for proficiency testing providers (PT), inspection, and certification of persons according to ISO17043, ISO17065 and ISO17024 since 2016. He has participated in many assessments and accreditation consultations in Africa and MENA region that are covered by EGAC, besides the assessments in the Egyptian industrial field.