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Yasmin AbelRahman El Sayed El-Hakim

Research Assistant

Yasmin El-Hakim is a construction engineering graduate from AUC class of 2013. She worked for Dar Al Hadassah for 3 years from 2013 till 2016 as a planning engineer in Dar al Fouad hospital project Nasr City. Then, she resumed her graduate studies at AUC from 2017 till 2020 where she finished her master’s degree in construction engineering. Her master's thesis was about the analysis of concurrent delays in the construction industry and my work was presented in the Canadian society of civil engineers conference in May 2021. During her master's, she worked as a teaching assistant for different courses at AUC. she was awarded the Mohammed Bin Abdulkarim A. Allehedan Award in Fall 2020 graduation for demonstrating excellence in sciences and engineering studies. She also worked as a research assistant at AUC on a project that aims to use virtual reality to enhance construction safety and education. She is currently working as a research assistant at Nile University on a multi-disciplinary project which aims to propose a self-health monitoring system for telecommunication towers.